Thursday, July 27, 2017

Buckeye Hero traded to West Coast

Photo Courtesy:Tommy Gilligan-USA Today
A Buckeye hero from the past was traded today and at a cost that was so reasonable that I wish the Cleveland Browns would have bought in at that price.

Cardale Jones,the star of the surprising Ohio State 2014 National Championship run, was traded from the Buffalo Bills to the Los Angeles (Lots of getting used to the name there) Chargers for a conditional seventh round draft choice.
No idea what the conditions are,but usually it's either if the player makes the opening game roster,plays in a certain amount of games or finishes the season on the roster.

Jones was the fourth round pick of the Bills in the 2016 draft and played one game for Buffalo last season as a rookie,throwing an interception as his only "big play" stat.
Buffalo drafted Pittsburgh's Nathan Peterman in the 2017 draft and signed veteran T.J.Yates as a free agent to backup Tyrod Taylor,so Jones looked to have a tough time making the team under new head coach Sean McDermott.
San Diego,however,looks to have a need behind Phillip Rivers and long time journeyman backup Kellen Clemons with their new coach Anthony Lynn being on the Buffalo staff that drafted Jones,I would bet on Jones making the team.

At that price,I wish the Browns would have taken a shot at Jones.
I know the Browns are allergic to Ohio State players and Jones is a bit raw,but physically I never understood why the Browns passed on Jones in the 2016 draft over the less talented Cody Kessler with the upside that Jones possesses.
The only logical reason that I can see for the Browns not to bite at a Jones trade is the physical similarities and lack of polish to their rookie DeShone Kizer-big arm,tall in the pocket,needing reps etc that the Browns may have figured that the training camp snaps weren't going to be there for both of them,especially since the Browns are unlikely to cut Kizer or Kessler and only a slim chance of cutting Brock Osweiler.

For the Los Angeles Chargers,a team that is beginning to collect Buckeyes in the last two seasons with Joey Bosa,Joshua Perry and now Jones,they'll be an interesting team for me to keep an eye on since I'm always looking for a team to watch from the West Coast.
It makes sense for the Chargers to give Jones a try at a bargain price with a lack of young quarterbacks on the team and with a coaching staff that knows him,I think Jones makes the team and maybe even sees some mop up work behind the king of garbage time fantasy points-Phillip Rivers.

As for Cardale Jones,he may never get an opportunity to be a starting quarterback in the NFL,but I wager he'll have a really good chance to earn an NFL pension and he has one thing going for him that no matter how his NFL career goes-that three game run that brought Ohio State a national championship and he'll likely have no problems finding people in the state of Ohio willing to pick up a dinner check!

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