Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

Time to dust off the brush and wipe out the inbox.

Lets start with a Hardball Times article on the pictured 1967 Topps Tribe Thumpers with Indian outfielders Rocky Colavito and Leon Wagner.
This card was one of my favorites as a kid for many reasons (despite being released a year before I was born) and Colavito was always a personal favorite of mine as a Indians fan.
The article reads more about Colavito and Wagner than the card,but it's still a fun look back at two players that were memorable for some pretty bad Cleveland teams of the 1960's....

Paul Lukas and his UniWatch column for ESPN is one of those that I try not to miss and even though I don't always agree with his opinions,his column is always worth reading.
We do have one thing in common after this column-we both love those 1970's Houston Astros uniforms.
The rainbow togs (officially named Tequila Sunrise) are still popular to this day,although like many bright uniforms,they are a love it or hate it brand and rank with the red,white and blue basketball for the NBA and the powder blue San Diego (um,Los Angeles) Chargers as the clubhouse leaders for the "Why in the hell don't they use this/these all the time?!" award.
I'm a basic uniform guy,although I don't mind some throwback days,but I do love those uniforms and the orange hat (along with the Seattle Pilots) is so sharp that I've considered buying the hat because I like it so much....

I've written about Phil Steele before and how his is the only college football magazine that you'll need for a season,but this article at digs a little deeper into how much Steele works,how he does things,how much football he watches and how he got into the football magazine business.
If you are a Phil Steele fan like me or just want to know more about college football,give it a glance!
And if you decide to order a book from Phil-make sure you tell him how disappointed you are that he isn't doing an NFL book this season.
The NFL version was only available via ordering from Phil,while the college version can be bought where magazines are sold-until they sell out and they do so quickly!!!

The Atlantic writes about the museum in Philadelphia that has famous (or infamous) brains from the past including a slice of Albert Einstein's,but this article is based on the brain of Charles Guiteau,the assassin of President James Garfield in 1881.
The article discusses why the brain was kept,the apparent mental issues of Guiteau and what doctors of the day thought could be accomplished by keeping Guiteau's brain for research.

Wrapping up with what looks to be an interesting show this Sunday on the History Channel with yet another show on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
These types of shows usually claim to offer much,but in the end offer little more than the standard line or nothing but speculation.
This time though,something has been discovered that might shed some light with a picture of that could be Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan on a Japanese controlled (at the time) Marshall Islands.
Some respected authenticators in their field have declared that the picture is not doctored,so could this finally be the key to a long mystery?

Thanks for reading and I'll have more soon!!

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