Sunday, May 28, 2017

30 years

I didn't have much time on my actual anniversary to write about the 30-year mark, but I wanted to drop a few lines now about the importance of this bar.

You see, I look at things differently than many (or most) in how they look at life.
I look at things like this-almost everything positive that I've ever done in my life is a spinoff of being Cherie's husband.
From getting myself together from a disappointing childhood/teenage years to having children to being a reasonably responsible (ha) person- all of those things came from a decision to pursue her in high school.
Honestly, there's very little positive (I'm sure there are a few) that I've managed to pull off without her being involved.

Cherie is the greatest person I've ever known.
She's my moral compass, my confidante' and the person that I can always count on to be there when I need her most.
People are drawn to her because of her quiet strength, her high morals and the ability to be caring without being someone that is taken advantage of.
She overlooks many (not all haha) of my flaws and takes care of me with all the baggage that I bring with me

My friends and people that know Cherie often tell me that I am the luckiest person that they know because of being fortunate to have her as my life partner.
Being my wife can't be easy with all that I bring to the table, yet she manages to deal with me with calmness and grace that I can't imagine anyone else dealing with me in a similar manner.

I've grown up a lot since I was 15.
I waited her out for 2 years and hardly went out with anyone as a teenager.
I just knew what felt right and if I didn't land her, it was going to be because she didn't want me, not because I made colossal mistakes,
I knew there was something there with her, not that I knew what it was consciously, I just knew it was there.
I remember often telling people that the perfect person for me was out there and that it wasn't a tired cliche'.
I knew not only that she existed, but that I even knew who she was.

It's been 30 great years.
Not all perfect, but often times it was outside sources that caused the issues, only extremely rarely each other.
We're not in the greatest house and we only now are close to having a second car on the road, which many people take as a fact of life.
We don't have what many have and more than some, but many don't have what we do have-peace, serenity, our family and each other.
Pretty good 30-year run...

I'll be writing about our trip to Lexington Kentucky and the coolest supermarket that I've ever been in next time...

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