Monday, May 22, 2017

Boxing Challenge-Hamburglar alert!

Hamburglar Alert!!

My time is very tight after my weekend in Norfolk and so many things to do, but I wanted to update the challenge.
I haven't watched all the weekend fights and I'm trying to do before Fightheads tonight, but I did watch three robberies as Rances Barthelemy won a unanimous decision over Kiryl Relikh that I thought Relikh clearly won (I missed that fight for the challenge though), Andre Dirrell did what a Dirrell does-flop, bitch and moan as he won a belt via DQ that he didn't deserve over Jose Uzcategui.
But both of those pale to the split decision win by Hassan N'Dam over Ryota Murata, Murata knocked N'Dam down and on my card won ten of the twelve rounds yet lost a split decision.

Here are the results and points for the weekend

Terrence Crawford TKO 10 Felix Diaz
R.L and TRS 1 point

Ray Beltran KO 2 Jonathan Maicelo
R.L and TRS 1 point

Gary Russell KO 7 Oscar Escandon
R.L 3 pts (win, result, and round)
TRS 2 pts (win and result)

Andre Dirrell DQ 8 Jose Uzcategui
R.L and TRS 1 pt

Gervonta Davis KO 3 Liam Walsh
R.L and TRS:2 pts

David Benividez KO 8 Porky Medina
R.L:2 pts
TRS; 1 pt

Naoya Inoue KO 3 Ricardo Rodriguez
R.L and TRS 2 pts

Hassan N'Dam Split Decision Ryota Murata
R.L: 1 pt

Weekend:R.L:13 TRS 10 
Year to Date: TRS 68 R.L 62

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