Friday, May 12, 2017

Missed a few...

I've missed a few days,haven't had much to say,but I'm starting to get motivated again.

I have a few things planned for the next few days to a week such as the return of the TRS boxing rankings,a forgotten superstar and some other things in the pipeline.

For now,a few things of note..

The Browns didn't receive the return of Josh Gordon as the NFL turned down his request for reinstatement.
I'm not sure if Gordon had failed to live up to the terms of reinstatement or not,but one thing is clear-the NFL hits potheads far harder than they do than they do other miscreants that have done far worse during the years...

The bidding and battling has begun for the Gennady Golovkin-Canelo Alvarez middleweight championship fight in September.
The leaders are thought to be Las Vegas and Dallas with New York not out of the running.
If it's Dallas,it's an intriguing thought to consider a possible Dallas trip for the fight.
Don't bet on it,but you never know!!

I also want to use some downtime from live baseball to not only stay ahead of the upcoming schedule,but to get some of the results of the first six weeks or so of the graphing season noted,so look for a signing front soon!

Finally,a note to those that wanted an "outsider" to "clean up Washington".
Donald Trump's behavior is an embarrassment to our country and has lived up to my fears in electing him- a egomaniac that that goes awry at the mildest criticism.
It's much more than that of course and I certainly am not pining away for Hillary Clinton,but he has proven to me what he is-a corrupt businessman with overrated deal making skills that has discovered that running the government is not like running a business-In a business,the guy at the top has the final say,that's not the case in government-you have to be able to work with others and Trump simply cannot.
I have both good friends and people that I respect that voted for Trump and/or believed in the "outsider" mantra,so I'm not throwing stones at his voters,but I cannot imagine anyone thinking that he is anything but an abject embarrassment to our country.
The big winner in all of this? George Bush-who incredibly looks not nearly as awful as the current President.
I would have never imagined typing those words this soon or ever!!

Back later tonight with what I think will be a Forgotten Superstar.

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