Sunday, November 13, 2016

Boxing Challenge-One bad weekend

The boxing challenge continued with Ramon Malpica and I adding points.
I added nine to Ramon's eight in a weekend that was filled with mismatches,bad fights and worse=bad decisions.
The standings are in my favor at 128-106.
The bad decision brought out the Hamburglar from my childhood and the 1970's McDonaldland toys.
I decided any time that there was a drop dead decision that should not have been close and yet the wrong guy got the duke (as Vince McMahon used to say),I'm bringing out the Hamburglar!

The dull?
Well,watching Luis Ortiz try to catch the non-combatant Malik Scott over twelve LOOOONNGGG rounds in Monte Carlo on HBO made me wish for anything more exciting-like say watching square dancing.
If someone ever wanted to make a case for why not to watch boxing-pop in this fight.
Ramon and I each added a point for the TRS top ranked heavyweight's unanimous decision.
I had Ortiz winning every round 120-108

Danny Garcia was expected to win against his overmatched opponent Samuel Vargas and he did stopping Vargas over seven one-sided rounds on his way to expected opponent Keith Thurman over the winter.
I'll believe that when I see it since Garcia hates fighting real opponents and Thurman gets injured in training a lot..
Ramon picked up three points with one being a bonus for calling the round,while I added two.

Jarrett Hurd pounded Jo Jo Dan around the ring before Dan's corner stopped the fight in the sixth.
Another talented fighter against an opponent not near up to the task.
I added two points for Hurd's win to Ramon's one..

The best fight of the weekend was the PBC opener was Javier Fortuna won a unanimous call over Omar Douglas in a good action fight.
Douglas dropped Fortuna in the first round and the bout was filled with strong exchanges..
I received one point for Fortuna's win,while Ramon picked Douglas.
I had Fortuna a 95-94 winner on my card.

In Monte Carlo, the worst decision of the weekend occurred and the resulting Hamburglar picture came Jamie McDonnell retained his secondary title with a unanimous decision over Librado Solis.
I had Solis winning nine of the twelve rounds and 117-111 on points.
It's garbage like this that poisons the game with one of the worst decisions of the year...
Ramon and I each scored two points for the McDonnell "win"

Jason Sosa retained his secondary title via unanimous decision over Stephen (No A) Smith.
Sosa scored a knockdown in the second round and won 117-110 on my card.
Sosa will next defend in a rematch against the aforementioned Javier Fortuna....
Ramon and I each scored two points for the Sosa victory...

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