Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers and listeners and say how thankful I am to all of you-friends and family along with those of you that I don't know.
You are all appreciated more than you know!

I'd like to thank my wonderful wife,the ever-present lovely Cherie,along with my children,Ryan and Rachel and too many friends to name,but I'll name a few people that help take care of your humble author and are avid boosters of what I do here,the podcast and real life.
Thanks for Denise Nicarry for being the big sister that I never had.
Thanks to these three gentlemen:Doug Hopkins and Derreck Chupak for filling a void in my life and Fred Landucci (and his manager Miguelito) for being such a great friend and fan of the "empire".
All three of these guys (and Denise) care about me as a person and their friendship means more to me than they can know.
Also thanks to our long time reader Big Don Cain,Ian McArdle and I cannot forget Ramon Malpica.
Don was met on minor league tours and his friendship is quite important to me as Ian's,who I met through a mutual friend and laughter ensued.
Ian is the one person that every Saturday that I "watch" Buckeye games (and others) "with" and talk college football all day!
Ramon is the one person that I know that can and will talk boxing as much as I want!
When people say how bad social media is and it can be quite bad,I'm reminded of Ramon and Ian and how I never would have met them without social media.
Our friendship has grown over the past year and working with him every Monday night is more than I could have asked for!
I also wanted to acknowledge a few of my old friends that I don't see as often,but still talk to a lot.
Even though they are Steeler fans (Ha Ha),Greg Church and the Battler Bob still bring humor to my life and its been nice having Joe Plum back around with his unusual look at life along with the always wacky nephew Jeff Heimberger with his occasional podcast appearances.
One more person to mention is Julie Kendall,who some of you may remember from podcast appearances.
Julie always pays attention and has a great knack for reading between the lines on Twitter with usually leads to emailing me with something to brighten my mood or at least make me think a bit...
I'm quite thankful for you all!
If I've forgotten anyone-I apologize,Work all night can make you a bit fuzzy!

I also wanted to welcome any new readers that might have found us via Fight Heads.
I have so enjoyed working with Ramon and getting to talk boxing with him every week.
The callers are starting to pick up and I'm just thrilled and thankful for the opportunity!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the long weekend!
I'll try to put up a mini-podcast with special guest Melissa Pfiester either later today or tomorrow.

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