Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ohio State nips Michigan 30-27!

Curtis Samuel's 15 yard run for a touchdown in the second overtime lifted the Ohio State Buckeyes to a 30-27 win over the Michigan Wolverines in a classic at the Horseshoe in Columbus.
J.T.Barrett rushed for over 100 yards,but the real story was the Buckeye defense,who forced a Michigan fumble inside the Buckeye five and two key interceptions with Malik Hooker scoring a touchdown with his and Jerome Baker setting up another touchdown with an interception of his own...
Ohio State (11-1 8-1 Big 10) and its win allowed Penn State to win the Big 10 East,but most likely punched their ticket to the playoffs.....

Olentangy Offerings

1) Starting with the controversy,the 4th down success in the second overtime that Michigan complains that J.T.Barrett didn't get.
I thought he got it on first progress.where the issue for many is that he was hit,twisted back and there is where it looks far closer.
On either account,the video replay rule says indisputable evidence and there simply is none that is clear cut to change the on field call..

2) Give Urban Meyer tons of credit for going for it with the season on the line.
Many coaches would have said to tie the game with a field goal,Meyer went for it,got it and was rewarded with the win one play later...

3) It truly was the defense that won this game.
Every time that Michigan seemed to be closing the book on this game-the Buckeye defense would make a big play.
The biggest was the fumble recovery at the OSU one yard line when it looked like Michigan was going up by ten early in the second half.
That play alone might have made the difference in this game//

4) The Ohio State linebackers were huge in this game as Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker each notching double digit tackles and Chris Worley just missing that mark.
McMillan's blitz on Wilton Speight in the end zone forced Speight to get rid of the ball and Malik Hooker cruised in with the easy pick six...

5) Jerome Baker's interception return was just as important as it set up a touchdown to pull Ohio State back within three points.
That play and resulting scoring drive (as short as it was) allowed the start of the awakening of the Ohio State offense.

6) You can make an excellent argument that the Buckeyes should have won this game in regulation,if not for an awful day for the special teams.
Tyler Durbin's two missed field goals (one the length of an extra point) alone would have won in regulation time,but there were more reasons.

7) The unsuccessful fake punt by Cameron Johnston set up a short drive for one Michigan touchdown and a long return by Jabril Peppers late in the first half put Michigan in position for their other.
Both of Michigan's touchdowns in regulation were directly set up by weak decisions by the special teams.

8) Let's not go too overboard on the Ohio State offense,
For most of the game,the passing game was a struggle and J.T. Barrett was very inaccurate.
Many of his throws were high and the passing game produced just 124 yards.
Barrett was less than strong for most of this game and played better with his legs (125 rushing yards) than his arm...

9) Wilton Speight got the unexpected start for Michigan at quarterback and played through injury,
Speight threw two interceptions,but give the young man credit for toughness and for being classy in the game both before and after.

10) That's more than I can say for Wolverine backup John O'Korn,who guaranteed a Michigan victory even though he apparently (behind the scenes) knew that he was not going to get the start.
If you aren't going to play,then you shouldn't be talking...

11) I still think Jabril Peppers is a little overrated.
His grab of a tipped J.T. Barrett pass was his first interception IN HIS CAREER (so much for that playmaker tag) and he finished with four tackles on the day.
Peppers lined up a few times in the Wildcat,but did little with it.
I've always said the Wildcat without a passing threat is just a single wing and until you can prove you can throw from it,defenses have defused it.
Peppers is a nice player,but relax the Charles Woodson comparisons,I'm not buying...

12) Not a fan of the helmets used in the game.
I don't mind picking a gimmick helmet/unis once a year to use,but not in this game.
To paraphrase Sam Wyche; You aren't Maryland,you are Ohio State and you don't need that!!

13) I know Jim Harbaugh is complaining about his sideline penalty,but I thought he finally got what he deserved.
Harbaugh has been acting this way on the sidelines since his San Francisco days and he finally was called on it.
My knock on the clipboard throw wasn't throwing the papers,it was that he threw them into the field of play.
Don't want those calls? Quit acting like a child...

14) And speaking of acting like a child-check the officiating whining by Jim Harbaugh at the post game press conference.
Also loved his line "Bitterly Disappointed" which was a line used by his mentor in 1973 when Bo Schembechler didn't get things to go his way.
Nice to see that "Michigan Men" still know how to be classy in defeat...

15) Does that put Ohio State in the playoff?
I think so and I think not playing in Indianapolis is a good thing.
Wisconsin would be a tough game again and coming off a game like this,there would have to be an emotional letdown.
I think this works out for the best.
IMO-Alabama,Ohio State and Clemson are in (pending Clemson's ACC title game) with the final spot going to either Washington or the Big 10 winner depending on how impressive they look...

16) Urban Meyer-first coach ever to win first five games vs Michigan.
Jim Harbaugh-first coach ever to lose first two games vs Ohio State...
Editor's Note;Rich Rodriguez was 0-3 vs the Buckeyes,so Harbaugh has that going for him.
Thanks to Ian McArdle for catching this!

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