Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Non-Sports Edition

The non-sports version starts with two favorites from the past.

I've noted before my long time fandom of Late Night with David Letterman.
Letterman has been basically quiet since his retirement,but he did emerge with an interview with the New York Times on Donald Trump.
Letterman had Trump on the show several times during his CBS version and he discusses Trump,his role in the election,how he would handle Trump,if he was hosting a show with a Trump appearance and his take on how Trump will eventually do in the voting process.
Letterman has always leaned to the left,so you can guess some of his opinions,but still an interesting read.

One of Letterman's favorite guests on the NBC program was his fellow Hoosier Jane Pauley.
Pauley appeared on the show often,most notably when they both talked during a segment while sitting in dentist's chairs and talking with helium

Pauley has been given the CBS Sunday Morning hosting role with the retirement of Charles Osgood.
The 65 year old Pauley was always a favorite of mine during those Letterman years,mainly because she seemed to have such a good time on Dave's show.
The New York Times talked to Pauley about her return to the spotlight,her NBC years and her time after the Today show....

Joe Plum sends me a note about this article on Jennifer Frey,a blazing comet through sportswriting in the late 80's and early 90's that died of liver cancer brought on by a hard living lifestyle.
Deadspin is noted for a harder edge with a far more sardonic style,this is an unusual article for them and I recommend the read....

I've been quite effusive in my praise of CNN"s Brianna Keilar during this election cycle.
Her name comes up first when I talk about television news people that are going to be future stars-her verbal destruction of Donald Trump surrogate Michael Cohen (shown below) ranks as my favorite television election moment of the campaign.
Keilar is straight ahead,no nonsense and isn't in awe of her audience,which is sometimes a hard thing to balance.
Her substitute shows for Wolf Blitzer showed she can anchor a program and in my opinion,she deserves a show of her own.
However,Keilar has dealt with the loss of her mother during the election that has brought her to the attention of many.
She writes about her mom with the same type of talent that she has on air.
Sometimes,I wish I had better things to write about than sports,but poignant articles like this just make me glad for what I still have...

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