Friday, November 4, 2016

Pigskin Picking Machine

Time for the PPM.
I'm sure you noticed the surly gentleman to the left is not former "host" Molly McGrath,but due to an overly celebratory tweet on the Cubs win over the Indians,the TRS board of directors has decided to move Ms.McGrath from this position...
Legate Damar will finish this season as the face of the PPM-Enjoy....

Last Week:6-3
Overall: 58-18

Ohio State over Nebraska 28-17
Northern Illinois over Bowling Green 40-24 (Picked earlier in the week)
Boise State over San Jose State 45-14
Washington over Cal 35-17
Texas Tech over Texas 55-52
Middle Tennessee State over UTSA 38-28

Game of the Week
LSU over Alabama 24-22

Cowboys over Browns 35-14
Saints over 49ers 35-20

Game of the Week
Raiders over Broncos 30-17

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