Sunday, November 6, 2016

Husked in Columbus-Ohio State crushes Cornhuskers 62-3

The offense returned for the Ohio State Buckeyes as the sixth ranked Buckeyes slaughtered the visiting Nebraska Cornhuskers 62-3 in Columbus.
J.T.Barrett threw for four touchdowns,Curtis Samuel caught two touchdowns with over 100 hundred yards receiving and two players (Damon Webb and Malik Hooker) returned interceptions for touchdowns.
Ohio State 8-1 (5-1 Big Ten) will travel to College Park to face Maryland next week...

Olentangy Offerings

1) This will be a little shorter than a usual recap because the game was such a blowout that I flipped back and forth to Alabama-LSU while at the road office..

2) Urban Meyer made a conscious effort to get Curtis Samuel and look what happened-the entire offense revved and purred like a smooth motor.
It's funny how when you make an effort to get your playmaker the ball how big plays happen.
Samuel caught a 75 yard touchdown pass from J.T. Barrett on the first play of the second half and the game was already decided at the half,but that play showed the dimensions that the offense can haev when Samuel was used properly.

3) I also liked the late first half jump pass from Barrett for a score.
Urban Meyer used the jump pass a lot with Tim Tebow at Florida and I liked that it was used here.
Anything that works in the playbook to give opponents things to plan for is fine with me...

4) Two pick six's in this game for the Buckeye defense and as fun to watch as the great return by Malik Hooker was-it was the first quarter version by Damon Webb that set the tone for the game.
Webb's score instantly gave the feeling that this was an Ohio State night...

5) Ohio State didn't punt one time in the win.
You won't lose many games when you don't punt..

6) As I said about last year's special uniforms-I like them and they look good,but Ohio State's colors aren't black...

7) Scary moment late in the first half when Nebraska quarterback Tommie Armstrong jammed his neck into the turf.
I was concerned that this could be a severe injury.but later in the game Armstrong returned to the stadium after a trip to the hospital to be examined.

8) Another fumble from Dontrae Wilson in the punt return game.
Urban Meyer needs to address this and remove Wilson from this slot before his issues cost the Buckeyes a game..

9) The looming showdown with Michigan looks to be for all the marbles.
Ohio State needs to win their games against bottom dwellers Maryland and Michigan State and Michigan needs to stop Iowa and Indiana for the battle to truly mean something.
Should Michigan lose one of their games,the Buckeyes will lose more than they gain-Ohio State needs a three way tie to win the East due to the loss to Penn State.
Win out and the Buckeyes will have their chance in the playoff.

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