Friday, November 11, 2016

Browns get the hook in Baltimore 28-7

The Cleveland Browns managed to put one good drive together and keep things under control on defense for a half as they took a 7-6 lead into halftime in Baltimore against the Ravens.
The second half was a different story as the Browns did nothing on offense and allowed three touchdowns in a 28-7 loss.
Cody Kessler was replaced at quarterback in the second half by Josh McCown with the offense not improving under McCown.
Kessler threw a 25 yard pass to rookie tight end Seth DeValve in the second quarter for the only Cleveland score of the game.
The now 0-10 Browns will host Pittsburgh in their next game in the first of three home games in a row...

Brownie Bits

1) The biggest news out of this game was the replacement of Cody Kessler in favor of Josh McCown.
Hue Jackson's decision to remove Kessler looks like one of desperation to try to win a game-any game.
I'm not a believer in the long term viability of Kessler as the quarterback of the future,but this decision couldn't have been done for any reason other than desperation...

2) Hue Jackson said "trust me" when Cody Kessler was drafted earlier than expected because he valued accuracy.
Now,Jackson isn't happy with Kessler's inability to get the ball deeper downfield-well,Kessler's arm strength was the biggest question entering the draft and now you have issues with that?
If you wanted a bigger arm to get the ball downfield,Cody Kessler wasn't your guy and the fact that he cannot do those things is on the people that drafted him...

3) Josh McCown was completely ineffective in his appearance with two interceptions,a lost fumble and having a few passes batted down at the line of scrimmage.
The argument of mine was that if the Browns were looking for a win,their best chance would come with McCown.
Last night's game might have proven that theory askew...

4) The call to replace Cody Kessler with Josh McCown now has tossed the team's quarterback situation in flux.
The one thing that made some sense was to play Cody Kessler,get him as many snaps as possible and see if Kessler has any chance to be the team's future quarterback.
Now,Kessler has to be looking over his shoulder,the team has to be questioning if Kessler is going to finish games that he struggles in and one cannot even say that the healing Robert Griffin is even out of the situation should he return.
This messy situation just got worse last night..

5) The only bright spot of the night was rookie tight end Seth DeValve getting behind safety Eric Weddle and making an over the shoulder catch for the only Cleveland touchdown.
DeValve was drafted as a developmental pass catching tight end and the catch showed some of the potential that the Princeton product could harness...

6) Jamie Collins finished with seven solo tackles,one for a loss and a sack in his first full week to prepare.
It's pretty clear that Collins talent level is the best on this team,the bigger question is will he want to stick around and be part of the building process?
One thing that I am pretty sure about is in the Browns only national television appearance,Jamie Collins showed the energy that teams looking to sign will like to see...

7) The Browns did have interceptions by Joe Haden and Briean Boddy-Calhoun against Joe Flacco,who usually kills the Browns.
The interception by Boddy-Calhoun,who was downed at the Browns one yard line,killed a drive and the diving pick was a nice one.
The problem was that two of the Baltimore touchdown passes were at the expense of the rookie from Minnesota.
Boddy-Calhoun has his limitations in physical abilities or he would not have been an undrafted free agent,but he has had his moments and I have hope for him eventually being a productive player...

8) Another quiet night from the wideouts with Terrelle Pryor (5 for 48) and Corey Coleman (3 for 17) being non-factors.
It doesn't seem to matter,the Browns cannot get the ball downfield to their playmakers,whether the arm is big (McCown) or accurate (Kessler).

9) The laughing started early in the game as the Browns trotted 12 players on the field to start the game on defense and then were forced to use a timeout before the first snap.
Another first for the 2016 Browns!

10) This team is the first ever Cleveland team to hit 0-10 and the loss put the Browns at .500 for their history.
That shows you what a powerful franchise that once resided in Cleveland that it took all of these years of terrible football to drop to this level.
Just a shame....

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