Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post-Election Blues

Damn, I was wrong.
I've kept believing that the Donald Trump phenomenon was going to be a comet that burnt itself out.
I was wrong-Donald Trump-the man that destroyed the USFL is about to become the President of the United States.

Let's face it-I'm not a fan of Mr.Trump and didn't even ponder voting for him.
I lost many things on my opinions of Trump,his qualifications and my lack of understanding of how people could even consider this-most notably a good friend.
I think this could (Could means maybe folks- not a definite) be a disaster and we may about to find out that when you vote an outsider in with zero experience,what you usually get is even more of what we have had for years-gridlock.
You have to be able to work with people and the experience inside the political machine is like everything else-it comes at a cost.
Can Trump put ego and personal gain aside to do what needs to be done?
Can he avoid any personal entanglements (eventually a tax release,his business put in a blind trust or not or any further issues from his past with women) to be able to govern?
Can he manage to deal with a system that despite him being the leader does not have to jump when he beckons?
Intriguing to think about and interesting to see how this plays out.

If Donald Trump is a successful President,then he has re-written how we look at Presidencies,candidates and how one runs campaigns.
If not-then this could be a disaster that takes years to recover from.
We'll see.I'm not in the business of not supporting my country because the President isn't my guy.
I've seen one side of the bench behave that way towards Barack Obama and that wasn't right and I bet I'll now watch the other side act in that manner towards Donald Trump-Neither side will be right.

I've been wrong before,I didn't think that Trump would get anywhere near the White House,so what do I know-but I do know this-I'll be rooting for him.
Because I root for my country first.

On the Democratic side,this might be a wakeup call.
Hillary Clinton was a disliked candidate that was shoved down voters throat like a child is forced to eat a hated food and in this regard,the Democratic party got just what they deserved.
It has traditionally been the GOP that ran the candidate that was "their turn" and this time it was the Democrats turn to make this mistake.
I think Joe Biden would have won this going away and dare I say it-Bernie Sanders would have made a better candidate than Hillary Clinton because he would have fired up the left wing base that was never going to accept Hillary Clinton as representing their hopes.
In hindsight,the revealing of the DNC emails that the party was working against Bernie Sanders looks awful large for the base that didn't appear at the ballot box.
To me,it appeared that the Democratic base rebelled against the chosen candidate and therefore didn't have the motivation to turn out for her.
Only themselves to blame for losing to the least (well,maybe second least since he won) liked President candidate since these things were measured.

And now to you-the reader.
I used to write about politics a lot and I even mentioned it on the podcast.
I've tried to avoid that anymore,especially after my feelings on Donald Trump and what that cost me on a personal level.
I still have the desire to write about these things,but for the most part,I feel like it just isn't worth the effort despite the creative part of me that comes out during those times.
I consider myself pretty middle of the road.reasonably liberal socially (being that what you are and do personally is none of my business) and pretty conservative fiscally,but I'm not sure that is where most are anymore.
Our country has been cleaved into such dividing halves that people only want to watch,read and listen to that will cater to their personal beliefs and I'm not in that place anymore.
It's one thing for me to write on sports and have people disagree-sports are supposed to be our vacation from the day to day struggles and the fun is the discussion and conversation.
However,Politics is personal-often intensely so and people take it that way,as if their beliefs are being attacked,when actually it's opinion.
I wonder why we cannot converse as civilly on Clinton vs Trump as we do Indians vs Cubs.
I think we'd be better off for it,but those are the reasons that I have faded away from writing as much about the political game..

Few things are worth losing friends and relationships over-especially opinion,whether they agree or not.
Between the issues,the candidates and opinions both mine and others-It just isn't worth it.
Thanks for reading.....

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