Monday, November 21, 2016

Boxing Challenge-Ward robs Kovalev

The pay per view card Saturday saw just three points between Ramon Malpica and myself awarded-two to me for a total of 130-107...

Neither of us added points for the controversial loss for Sergey Kovalev against Andre Ward.
Kovalev dominated the early rounds and scored a knockdown in the second.
I scored Kovalev a 116-111 (8-4 in rounds) winner and watched the fight twice to be fair.
Fairness is important to me and I wanted to make sure there was no bias with me being a Kovalev fan and not one of Ward,so I watched again and gave every close round to Ward.
All of that and I still had Kovalev a 114-113 winner (6-6 in rounds,but the knockdown making the difference).
I've seen worse decisions,but it's been a long time for one this bad in a fight of this importance.

I didn't see the undercard,but that's where the points were scored.
Junior welterweights Maurice Hooker and Darley Perez fought to a draw.
I picked up a point in Oleskander Gvozdyk's win over Issac Chilemba,when the veteran could not answer the bell for round nine in light heavyweight action.
Ramon and I added a point each for Curtis Stevens and his unanimous decision over James De La Rosa.

Tune into Fight Heads tonight for Ramon and I's thoughts on Kovalev-Ward!

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