Monday, November 14, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Non-Sports (mostly) Version

The inbox starts with a link to Five Thirty Eight and a short film on the election of Jesse Ventura to the Governor's Mansion in Minnesota back in 1998.
Lots of parallels to the events of last Tuesday,showing once again that strange things can happen when people ignore history!
As far as the LP to the left,I did own it and I'm sure it's around here somewhere.
I had forgotten about it until stumbling upon this photo when looking for a Ventura picture.
I just might have a post sometime about "the Body" and a few good stories from the past-including this record!!

Ernie Johnson Jr. is much better known for his sports knowledge than what he speaks on politics,but his two minute spot on Inside the NBA on the election was so elegant and heartfelt that it was more than a sports segment.
Awful Announcing looks at this portion and I think of all the news notes and all talking heads-it took two minutes from a basketball anchor to sum it up best.
Great work.

The New York Times writes about David Letterman and what he has been up to since leaving Late Night.
Letterman has been mostly out of the limelight,but has recently shown up on "Years of Living Dangerously" to host an episode based on renewable energy sources.
Nice to see Letterman doing something in television-he has plenty to offer...

Ryan Heimberger makes a lot of appearances here,but he sends this note on "Jeremy the Snail" who apparently had trouble finding a mate because his shell swirls counterclockwise and his sexual organs are on the left side.
Apparently snails usually are the opposite and Jeremy had some issues.
A mate apparently has been found,but the real miracle is-what are the odds on finding a snail of this type,then from someone that would look at him closely and then know that he wasn't "right".
Quite long,I'm sure.

The Washington Post writes about Tilapia,which apparently has a bad reputation for being "icky" and not the best tasting.
I personally don't mind Tilapia,but this article looks at how it can be farm raised,it's environmental effects and includes a taste test against other types of fish..

Wrapping up,I wanted to thank Ryan.
Ryan wrote me recently with a picture of a NFL tray from someplace that he was and I was immediately taken aback.
The tray was from 1972 and I had one as a child and spent hours with it,spreading out my football cards on it,playing with my collection.
I wrote him back telling him about that and the next time I saw him,Ryan had purchased it for me as a gift.
I'm a odd guy with lots of awful memories of childhood that I struggle with to this writing,but few things make me smile more than things from childhood like sports,toys,television,books,etc from those times.
I've written before about what memories those things bring and what I was a child.
Thanks to Ryan for caring to enough to bring one of those things home...

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