Saturday, November 19, 2016

Buckeyes survive Sparty with 17-16 win

On a dreary and dank day in East Lansing that saw all sorts of crazy things occur to allow the Michigan State Spartans to hang tough with the second ranked Ohio State Buckeyes,it wasn't until a two point conversion was intercepted and then a floater deep inside MSU territory was grabbed by Gareon Conley to put the plucky Spartans away for a 17-16 Ohio State win.
Mike Weber and J.T. Barrett each rushed for over 100 yards in the nailbiting win.
Ohio State moved to 10-1 (7-1 Big Ten) with the victory and returns home to Columbus to play you know who next week..

Olentangy Offerings

1) Not sure what it is about Sparty,but even when they are bad (like they are this year),they play the Buckeyes tough.
A smart and well coached team,Michigan State is dangerous when overlooked and next week when they go to Penn State-the Nittany Lions better not take them lightly..

2) One thing that people (Including myself) tend to forget about Michigan State is the massive amount of Ohio high schoolers that wind up in East Lansing.
That means the OSU game is huge to players that likely grew up dreaming of a Buckeye offer and not to get one-Maybe that is some of the reason that Michigan State plays Ohio State so tough...

3) Many are debating Mark Dantonio's decision to go for two points and the lead after the 4th quarter touchdown to pull within a point.
I'm not.
Michigan State isn't going to a bowl and this game (and next weeks at Penn State) are their chance to make waves-I liked the decision,but

4) Not the play call,L.J. Scott had gashed the Buckeye run defense for that entire drive  (He may have been the only player to touch the ball) and what do you do?
Throw with Tyler O'Connor...

5) Once again,the Buckeyes just didn't get the ball in the hands of Curtis Samuel enough.
Samuel did have a 24 yard touchdown catch,but only touched the ball eight times (4 rushes,4 catches).
They'll need to do better next week.

6) It was windy and the conditions were far from great,but that doesn't excuse J.T. Barrett for a less than great passing day (1 TD 86 yards).
Yes,some balls were dropped,but a lot were off target too....

7) The Buckeyes finished with two sacks on the day,but the rush came big when needed as Tyler O'Connor's heave to avoid a sack sent the ball fluttering to Gareon Conley to end the game forced the pass.
The pass rush has been off and on this year,but it tends to show up when needed..

8) Rough day for the usually solid Pat Elflein at center,who had a bad snap,a few penalties and was beaten on a few plays,

9) Phenomenal interception by Chris Worley in the first half on a Tyler O'Connor pass that was not thrown poorly.
Worley showed terrific instincts in flying to the ball and nice hands in coming down with it with a leap and still inbounds...

10) Now onto the team up north,who didn't exactly polish their rep with a ten point win over Indiana at home.
Gonna be a tough one,but I have a feeling-we get this one...

Bonus: Eleven Warriors had a great idea for the game-Have both teams like UCLA-USC wear their home jerseys.
That Scarlet vs Blue would look great on TV and yet not be a sellout for the rivalry.
I love it!!

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