Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cleaning out the Inbox-Passings

 The news is slow, so I'll use today to clean the inbox of the recent passings and hopefully be caught up for a while.

Goodbye to James Hampton at the age of 84.

The veteran actor had three different career runs during three different decades that fans could remember him best for any of the three.

In the 1960s, Hampton was best known for his supporting role on the tv comedy "F Troop" as Pvt. Hannibal Dobbs, where he was trained by Leonard Nimoy as an actor before landing the role.

In the 70s, Hampton was a character actor seen on many game shows, television shows, and films with his biggest role as "Caretaker" with Burt Reynolds in the original "Longest Yard".

Hampton also was part of the ensemble cast of the "Mary" Tyler Moore failed variety show that included David Letterman and Michael Keaton in 1978.

Hampton's big part in the 80s was as Michael J.Fox's father in "Teen Wolf" and he would reprise the role of "Harold Howard" in the sequel that did not include Fox.

Goodbye to George Segal at the age of 87.

Segal's long career saw him succeed in film in the 60s and 70s and in television in the 90s up to the current day as the grandfather on The Goldbergs.

Segal was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best-supporting actor in 1966 for his role in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff" and released albums in the decade that included Segal's singing and banjo playing, which led to a guest spot on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, where the brothers and Segal sang Phil Ochs's "Draft Dodger Rag".

Segal won two Golden Globes, the first in 1965 for Most Promising Male Newcomer for "The New Interns" and would win the other in 1974 for Best Actor in "Touch of Class".

Segal starred as the lead in many films in the 1970s to various degrees of success, but my most vivid Segal memory was as the star in "Carbon Copy" in 1981 which was the first film for Denzel Washington.

Segal would co-star in "Just Shoot Me" on NBC from 1997-2003 and on The Goldbergs from 2013-21.

Goodbye to Gloria Henry at the age of 98.

Henry's major role was as "Alice Mitchell" of the mother of "Dennis" on the "Dennis The Menace" sitcom from 1959-63.

Henry's career slowed after "Dennis" as she stated she was typecast for roles as a mother and wouldn't return to acting until the early 1980s.

Henry would never again have a regular role on a series but did do guest appearances and bit-parts with one as recently as 2012 on "Parks and Recreation".

Goodbye to Fred Arbanas at the age of 82.

The All-Time AFL Tight End, Arbanas won three AFL titles with the Dallas Texans in 1962 and 1966 and 1970 with the Kansas City Chiefs with the 1970 Chiefs winning Super Bowl IV.

Arbanas caught 97 passes with 20 catches for touchdowns during his first three years in the AFL, but after a 1964 mugging that cost him the sight in his right eye, Arbanas was never the same threat as a pass-catcher as Arbanas would catch 93 passes for the final six seasons of his career.

Arbanas made the All-AFL team six times and would play in five AFL All-Star games, missing the sixth due to injuries from the mugging. 

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