Friday, April 16, 2021

Cleaning out the Inbox

 Time to clean out the inbox with a few stories from around the world that I've found interesting.

Mental Floss looks at what they call the "tragic" story of RC Cola and while the story of a cola company that still churns out product to this day isn't exactly a story that I would describe as tragic, it's still an interesting story of a cola that has been a bigger deal here locally than it has been nationwide.

RC or Royal Crown Cola isn't one that I would say that I favor or that I have even had one in many years, but it is an interesting story of how RC wound up where they are and how they could have been a larger player with a few breaks.

Mental Floss also tackles a not-so-important question that I have always wondered about- What is the difference between Brown Eggs and White Eggs and is it worth the difference in price that one pays for the former?

There is an answer and it's given in the article, but I still wonder if the price difference is worth it.

ESPN's article on John Madden, as the former coach and commentator recently celebrated his 85th birthday, is quite long but it's well worth the read.

While Madden's career in coaching and broadcasting along with his participation in the biggest video game line in history is well-known, many of the items in this article show just how much influence John Madden has had in several innovations that football viewers and fans now take for granted.

The first down line, the start of the Madden video game, and other Madden stories are all there as part of a very interesting article.

We wrap with the Athletic and their look at the chaotic status of the Philadelphia Eagles front office, where only three seasons after winning the franchise's first Super Bowl, things appear to be spinning out of control with owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman at the center of the storm.

Lurie has been criticized since buying the team in 1994 for his constant involvement in personnel issues and particularly with the NFL draft.

I won't hammer Lurie for that, hell if I owned an NFL team I would want to be involved as well- It's why I'd want to own a franchise, but you can wonder about his overall involvement as well as the antics of Howie Roseman and think how did it get this bad in only three years?
The article covers the 2020 draft and how Jalen Hurts moved from a late-round consideration as a developmental quarterback to their second-round pick and then as their starter in one season, along with the Carson Wentz saga, dealings with former coach Doug Pederson, and how paranoia grips the organization.

It covers everything important that you can think of except for the eternal question- How did a team
with such great helmets and uniforms (the kelly green from 1986-94) change to their ugly ones, they use currently and why haven't they gone back to the kelly green? 

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