Monday, October 31, 2016

Browns trade for Jamie Collins

The Cleveland Browns indeed made a trade before the trade deadline,but the surprise was that there was talent entering the Browns complex-not leaving at as many expected..

The Browns trade for linebacker Jamie Collins of the Patriots for the compensation third rounder at the end of that round in the 2017 draft seems to make no sense for an 0-8 going nowhere,but I'm going to tell you the thought process behind this deal and even if you don't agree with it,it'll make sense with how the front office is doing things..

The Browns already have lots of picks in the 2017 (2 firsts,2 seconds,now their own third and 3 fourths) draft and feel that for this cost that Jamie Collins,a Pro Bowl linebacker is a bargain price.
When you look at the massive amount of youth on this year's team and the likelihood of least almost as many next season,the Browns could say what's one pick?
But,one could ask the question that isn't Collins a free agent at the end of the season and why wouldn't he just walk away from a losing team like the Browns?
Well,he may,but the Browns could franchise him,if they can avoid having to do that with Terrelle Pryor and if Collins leaves via free agency? Well,the Browns would get (wait for it) mostly a compensation pick in the third round of the 2018 draft as they continue to accumulate assets in that draft.
So,essentially,this is how the deal breaks down if Collins leaves-Cleveland gets to play Collins for eight games and for that right would trade a 2017 3rd for a 2018 3rd.
If Collins buys into Hue Jackson and what the Browns are trying to build,the Browns just added a Pro Bowl linebacker for a pick at the end of the 3rd round.

Another question is this-If Jamie Collins is such a good player,why isn't he still playing for the title contending Patriots?
Well,New England likely won't have the cap space to keep Collins anyway after the season,so Bill Belichick can send that proverbial message to his team that business is business to keep them on their toes while adding an asset in the third round for the next draft.
Mike Lombardi,(and his opinion means little) is reporting that Collins had not been playing within the system this year and been "freelancing" more than Belichick cared for.
That may be on this team,Collins instantly becomes the best player on the defense with 43 tackles,a sack,forced fumble and two interceptions after leading the Patriots in tackles for the last two seasons.
Collins is a three down linebacker that can rush the passer and excel in pass coverage,so the Browns are getting an excellent player to build around,if he can be retained.

The trade might not make sense to some,but I'm intrigued and it'll be interesting to see how Jamie Collins attitude is coming to Cleveland.
If motivated,he could raise his demand on the free agent market with a strong final eight games and if not cost himself some dollars as well.
For the Browns,it's pretty low risk when you consider everything involved and how the Browns are thinking right now.
Collins will likely cost a bundle and the Browns may not to decide to pay that much when they are this far away from contention.
For me,I get it-I just want to win one game and hopefully Jamie Collins is a step forward in getting that one win...

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