Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Al Bernstein

It was the thrill of a lifetime to have the chance to talk to Al Bernstein last night on Fight Heads.
If you want to give it a listen,click here to head to the link.

I'm so excited about Fight Heads and I wanted to take the time to thank Ramon Malpica for asking me to be involved.
I'm having a ball doing the show and talking to people that I have been such a fan of like Al Bernstein truly is simply more fun than I can write about.
I've always considered Al's work and knowledge to be the gold standard in boxing history and broadcasting and to have the chance to speak with him for 45 minutes was very meaningful to this fan.

However,as limited as my recent podcasts have been,don't think that I have forgotten about the TRS version.
Rachel is working on some things that will be huge additions to the show and I plan on spending a day sometime and figuring out just how to get us on I-Tunes..

I'm also working on getting some cool guests for that over the winter as well.

It's been quite a day in the TRS universe and even to Shawn too-Give Fight Heads a listen and hopefully I don't sound too geeky!

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