Sunday, October 9, 2016

Buckeyes hop Hoosiers 38-17

The Ohio State Buckeyes put together enough to win in an uneven effort in Columbus and defeated the Indiana Hoosiers 38-17 in Big 10 play.
J.T.Barrett led a punishing Buckeye ground game with 137 yards rushing and rushed and threw for a score.
The now 5-0 (2-0 Big Ten) Buckeyes have a tough travel game next week vs 4-1 Wisconsin...

I'm going to pass on a NLDS wrapup because I needed to sleep after this game.
I needed a lot of rest as I finished the Hagerstown Suns season reviews and then watched this game.

Olentangy Offerings

1) This win was nothing special,but even though Indiana was close on the scoreboard,I never felt that this game was in doubt.

2) The Buckeyes only threw for 93 yards,but considering the conditions (quite windy),I can excuse that.
I also think there could be something to be said for the Buckeyes playing things safe against a lesser opponent in order to spring some surprises next week vs a rested Wisconsin team.
One thing is likely-Ohio State will need to throw the ball more against the Badgers defense than they did against Indiana.

3) J.T.Barrett ran the ball more in this game (Clearly),but his deep ball lacked accuracy.
Call it the winds,but Barrett still doesn't have the quick strike passing game that will be needed against better teams.

4) Curtis Samuel didn't see the ball as much as I would have expected.Nine rushes (82 yards and a score) and no receptions.
It could be that Mike Weber was a better fit for the power style of this game,but I hope Samuel regains his place in the offense next week...

5) Key play-Indiana closes to 17-10 near the end of the first half and for the only time all day,you start to wonder about things.
Parris Campbell then rips off a 91 yard kickoff return to set up a Mike Weber score.
Special teams will be even bigger against better teams..

6) Second half key play-Nick Bosa stuffing Kevin Wilson at the OSU six on fourth and one,snuffed out any chance of the Hoosiers getting back into this one.
Nick Bosa is going to be a stud...

7) Ohio State remains the only team in the nation to not allow a rushing touchdown this season.
That is likely to change next week in Madison...

8) I really like linebacker Jerome Baker and his eleven tackles weren't bad either.
Baker reminds me a lot of Darron Lee and might be a better pro prospect...

9) I usually laugh at Indiana as a weak sister with the Purdues,Rutgers,etc,but I'm seeing good things under Kevin Wilson.
Don't get me wrong,I don't expect we'll ever see the day of the Hoosiers as a title threat,but Kevin Wilson has them on the right track and I can see them eventually being a minor bowl contender every year,if they keep the faith and the course...

10) I'm not sure how much coverage that I will have of the Wisconsin game.
As many of you know,my son is getting married next Saturday and I'll be watching that game in a sports bar.
That might be fun,but it doesn't match well in keeping my usual notes for game recaps....

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