Saturday, October 8, 2016

Indians go up 2-0 in ALDS

I didn't see very much of the Cleveland Indians win in game two of the ALDS,but I'll take the win over being able to see it.
The 6-0 victory was paced by seven innings from Corey Kluber and a three run homer by Lonnie Chisenhall in the second inning that would give Cleveland all the runs that they would need.
The Indians can clinch the series Sunday afternoon in Boston with a victory in Fenway Park.
The Indians will send Josh Tomlin to the hill with the Red Sox countering with Clay Buchholz.

Smoke Signals

1) Right off the stick,I didn't see much of this game.
I had a long night at the paying job and actually slept like a semi-normal human and missed the first five and a half innings,which of course allowed me to miss five of the six runs that the Indians scored.
With that in mind,I'm going to make some observations off numbers and thoughts on the series,since I missed so much...

2) Corey Kluber needed to fire on all cylinders and give a big effort and the Indians received that effort.
Kluber needed that type of game,not just for the Indians to hold home field with a win,but to bolster a bullpen that Terry Francona needed to use liberally in game one.
Kluber's performance allowed Andrew Miller and Cody Allen to rest an extra day after each threw 30 pitches in game one and that could be massive in Boston...

3) Normally,one would think that Lonnie Chisenhall (lefty hitter) wouldn't be a good start against David Price's lefthanded arm,but the numbers saw Chisenhall at 4 for 11 with a homer against Price and started by Terry Francona.
I'm not always a fan of new age numbers,but I am a huge believer in past performance numbers.
No matter the reason,if a player performs well against a certain team or player,I'd try to get him in the lineup and this was a good call,even if not a clearly visible one.

4) You'll excuse me before I crow about the 2-0 lead.
Twice,the Indians have held leads against Boston and lost the series anyway.
In 1999,they won the first two games and dropped the final three and in 2007,Cleveland led 3-1 and lost the next three games and the series.
No bragging from here yet,the Indians have only held serve.

5) Three hits from late season addition Brandon Guyer in the win.
Guyer didn't seem like a huge pickup,but games like this show that little things can mean a lot...

6) The Indians had some high profile fans as LeBron James and many of the Cavaliers were in attendance cheering the team on.
These type of things happen around the sports world,but not the way that it seems to happen in Cleveland as the city and their teams always seem to cross-pollinate and root for each other...

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