Monday, October 31, 2016

Back to Cleveland-Cubs win Game 5

The Cleveland Indians were just one inning away from the long waited for world championship.
The problem was that inning was the fourth for the Chicago Cubs,who scored three runs in that stanza and held off the Tribe to stay alive in the World Series with a 3-2 win.
Jose Ramirez homered in the first inning to give the Indians a one run lead that held until Trevor Bauer,who was the losing pitcher allowed the three runs in the fourth.
Cleveland would add a run in the sixth for the final tally.
Game six is tomorrow in Cleveland with Josh Tomlin pitching for the Wahoos with Jake Arrieta facing him for the Cubs...

Smoke Signals

1) I didn't think Trevor Bauer pitched badly in his losing game.
Some of the pitches were decent enough,they just got hit.
Those things happen in baseball...

2) When the Indians are closer to full strength,I might consider moving Trevor Bauer to the bullpen.
With his stuff,Bauer could be really effective in that role..

3) Stunned that David Ross was able to throw out Francisco Lindor stealing against Jon Lester,who is abysmal holding runners on.
Nothing wrong with the jump by Lindor,Ross just made a great throw...

4) Joe Maddon used Aroldis Chapman to get the final eight outs of the game and it worked out.
The better question now becomes this-Did it take anything out of Chapman for the final two games?
Chapman had never done that before and can he continue at his normal level if needed Tuesday?

5) The Jon Lester routine is tired.
The bitching,whining,glaring about balls and strikes calls is overdone and ridiculous.
Considering that it effectively changed over the course of not just the game or inning,but even at an batt,it's really poor form.
I understand why because it's clearly effective,still doesn't make it right.

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