Sunday, October 2, 2016

OSU routs Rutgers 58-0

J.T. Barrett threw four touchdown passes and Mike Weber ran for 144 yards with a score on the ground as Ohio State crushed visiting Rutgers 58-0.
The beatdown moved the Buckeyes to 4-0 and 1-0 in the Big Ten.
Next week will see the Buckeyes hosting Indiana at Ohio Stadium...

Olentangy Offerings

1) I just mentioned in the most recent podcast that the least fun of the recaps to do are these demolitions that aren't even much fun to watch,
As a result,this one is shorter than usual...

2) Dominant defense? You got it in this one as Rutgers never got closer than the OSU 38 yard line.
No big plays,no sustained drives.Nothing,which is how a team winds up with zero points.

3) J.T,Barrett broke the career Buckeye record for passing touchdowns (previously held by Bobby Hoying) and moved it to 59.
With as many as ten possible games remaining this year (8 plus possible Big Ten title game and almost definite bowl game) ,Barrett should even at 1 a game (very low guess),Barrett would move it 69-Imagine if Barrett decides to return for a senior season?
That record could be put far out of reach....

4) More defense-Three sacks doesn't seem to be above and beyond,but Rutgers threw for just 33 yards.
Ponder that-33 passing yards for a Big Ten team...

5) Four different receivers caught touchdowns and eleven different receivers caught balls in this win.
Ohio State continues to get players experience and not just on the field-part of the offense.

6) This really is shorter than I prefer,but it's tough to come up with too much interesting in such a lopsided game,so lets say this-This lesser heralded Buckeye team is playing like last years bunch was supposed to.
They crush the overmatched and give them no hope....

7) Now,someone will and one hopes that they will respond as they did when Oklahoma made their brief run,but lets see who could...
Indiana scores points,but this is a team that lost to Wake Forest at home.
Wisconsin in Camp Randall will be a stern test,but I wonder if they can score points at the rate needed to win over the Buckeyes,although it could happen.
Penn State will be a hostile environment,but they went life and death there with Temple and Minnesota-neither which can be confused with OSU.
Northwestern upset Iowa on the road,but also lost at home to 1-AA Illinois State.
Nebraska in Columbus might be a tougher game as the Huskers are undefeated as of now.
Maryland is undefeated as well and that game is in College Park,but their opposition has been weak.
Michigan State in East Lansing looked tougher two weeks ago than it does now,but the Spartans will be ready for that one.
That leaves the school up North and imagine that one if both teams enter the game at 11-0.
These won't all be walkovers.but it's interesting to take a look...

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