Saturday, October 29, 2016

Buckeyes survive Nippy Northwestern 24-20

The Ohio State Buckeye showed flashes of brilliance,but not enough to completely put away the gritty Northwestern Wildcats before ending the contest with a 24-20 win in Columbus.
Mike Weber ran for 87 yards and two touchdowns,while Curtis Samuel ran for a score while catching seven passes for 68 yards.
Ohio State improves to 7-1 (4-1 Big Ten) and will host Nebraska (undefeated as of this writing,but playing Wisconsin as I type) in Columbus next Saturday night...

Olentangy Offerings

1) The offensive woes continued and a lot of it is the passing game.
Not blaming anyone or anything in particular,but the play calling is predictable (most receivers running short curl routes) the receivers still unproven and J.T.Barrett being less reliable as a passer than I would care for all add up for the problems throwing the football.

2) Considering that,you would think that the Buckeyes would spend more time establishing the run.
They did run 41 times,but the true pounding with the rock never really came between gimmick runs,kneeldowns and J.T. Barrett's draws and that is what is keeping the Buckeyes from wearing teams down...

3) J.T.Barrett's runs sometimes seem like one can see them coming,but his 35 yard run on the final drive basically ended any Wildcat comeback hopes.
I hope when you read Buckeye wrapups that it doesn't come across that I hate Barrett's runs=I don't.
I just wish they were a little less predictable and more varied in the types of runs...

4) Malik Hooker finished with 14 tackles from safety and they weren't all downfield either
Hooker made several stops near the line of scrimmage on run plays and would have gotten my star of the game.
Hooker might be the next Buckeye star in the secondary at the next level...

5) The Buckeye defense gave up points on several long scoring drives,but they stiffened when needed in the fourth quarter and held Northwestern to a field goal with the score 24-17.
That would be the final time the Wildcats touched the football..

6) Another week of not getting the ball to Curtis Samuel enough.
Samuel's six catches were fine,but he only carried the ball seven times and is spending more time as an H-Back and less in the backfield.
Lining him up so much limits how Samuel will get the ball and allows teams to not have to account for him on running plays.
I'd rather see him more in the backfield.

7) Funny to be almost pulling for Michigan,but for the Buckeyes to win the Big Ten,they need a three way tie with Michigan and Penn State,so Michigan needs to be undefeated entering the OSU game.
Penn State could lose and make that academic,but I'm assuming they win out.

Shorter version than usual since I have to do game four of the World Series...

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