Sunday, October 30, 2016

Browns collapse in second half,downed by Jets 31-28

For one half,the Cleveland Browns seemed on their way to the first win of the Hue Jackson era,trotting in with a 20-7 halftime lead.
That's as good as it got for the Browns,who allowed the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick to do whatever they wanted in the second half with 24 unanswered points before a late meaningless score to give the Jets a 31-28 win.
Cleveland was led by Josh McCown,who threw for 341 yards and two scores-both to Andrew Hawkins to go with two interceptions and Terrelle Pryor caught six passes for 101 yards as the top receiver.
The now 0-8 Browns will host Dallas next week....

Brownie Bits

1) I thought this was the best chance for a Browns win in a while and for a while and I looked smart for a half.
The problem is that the same thing happened against Hue Jackson that happened to the past Browns coaches-the opposing team made adjustments at the half and the Browns could not counter the counter.

2) I like Hue Jackson. I do,but some of his decisions each week get passes and I'm not sure why.
This week's came on the final drive and down eleven.
The Browns just strolled to the line of scrimmage,time rolling off the clock and no urgency from the sidelines.
That type of stuff isn't about your talent,it's about coaching and preparation....

3) The Jets scored touchdowns on their first three drives of the second half,none of the drives being shorter than 78 yards.
The pass rush that bothered Ryan Fitzpatrick in the first half was non-existent in the second and that secondary-Oh,that secondary.

4) The secondary is just awful-Jamar Taylor likes to flex when he does something well,which isn't often,Joe Haden looks to be a shell of himself,Tramon Williams looks washed up and the safeties (Ibraheim Campbell and Derrick Kindred) look to be similar players (better against the run,but struggle against receivers that challenge them athletically) in need of a free safety with some ball skills.
Joe Haden was mentioned this morning as possible trade bait,If they can get anything near a decent return,I'm OK with it...

5) Awful tackling is something that has plagued the Browns for years and once again,that spectre arose against the Jets on Quincy Enunwa's touchdown catch.
I counted four Browns that could have tackled Enunwa that either missed completely or had their tackle attempt broken.
I guess there is not an easy answer to this issue-because the easy ones (toughness,technique and hustle) would have solved the problem already..

6) Josh McCown was sharp in the first half,not so much in the second,although one of his two interceptions was on the receiver for not pulling in a good pass.
You can argue whether or not winning a little (or at all) is a good thing for the Browns,but this is my best guess-If the Browns want to win a game this season,the best bet is with Josh McCown.

7) I realize that with rookie receivers there is a learning curve,but there also has to be tough love treatment after a while.
Ricardo Louis came to the team as a talented receiver that needed to work on catching the ball.
Louis still does as he continues dropping very catchable passes.
I'd like to see more Rashard Higgins and less Louis until he shows that he can hold onto the football...

8) Josh Gordon left his rehab today with rumors noting that the Browns will be trading him before the deadline.
I can understand those that have had enough of his routine,but I'd prefer to keep Gordon and try not to sell low.
I don't know why someone would trade anything of value,if the Browns have made it clear that they want Gordon out of their hair..

9) One good sign was the continuing development of Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib on the defensive line.
Nassib knocked down three passes and Ogbah had a tackle for loss among some pressures.
Add that to another rookie in waiver signee Tyrone Holmes picking up a sack and you at least can start to see a little hope in that area.

10) So 0-8 and three of the four games I targeted as games that they could win are past.
The Dolphins was an overtime loss that could have been won and the Titans and Jets games were decided by two and three points respectively.
I don't suspect the Browns have much a chance in their next three games-Dallas at home,at Baltimore and then Pittsburgh at home.
They might have a chance against the Giants  at home,the Giants have been known to throw some clunkers in,but if the Giants show up-likely not.
That leads into the bye followed by the Bengals at home and at Buffalo,I'd would say maybe Buffalo under Rex Ryan could be vulnerable for the same reason as the Giants,but in Buffalo,gotta go Bills.
The Chargers could be a winnable game on Christmas Eve,especially if they are eliminated from the playoffs by then.
San Diego could have nothing to play for,a cold weather game for a warm weather team and perhaps a team that just wants to get home for the holidays makes me think this is the best chance for a win.
Finishing in Pittsburgh is more likely for another different starting quarterback than a Browns win.
I want that top pick,but I don't want a humiliating 0-16 either.
Going to be a long nine weeks.

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