Monday, October 17, 2016

Lots of work,but....

It was far from a vacation not was it all that I ever wanted,but wanted to toss a few notes here before I fell too far behind.

As most of you (I'm assuming the reader average) know that Ryan married his bride Courtney on Saturday.
We spent time in Morgantown WV for the wedding and best wishes to my son and his new wife for the future.

However this (and another issue that I'll write about soon) did send TRS to a halt.
I missed the Indians game two win over Toronto due to the wedding (actually played during the festivities) and I did have the pleasure of watching the Ohio State overtime win over Wisconsin,but I did so on a small TV tucked away in the hotel.
The company was awesome with the lovely Cherie and Rachel,my best buddy Derreck and Melissa,my oldest friend Greg with his wife Tina,daugher Ashley and boyfriend Dustin and Cherie's longtime friend Christine and her husband Doug.
Even though I didn't get to take my usual notes for the recap,it was a great time and the Buckeye win with company was the highlight of my weekend!
Great time.but because of that I doubt we will have a recap here of the win...

I got back late for the Browns loss to Tennessee,but arrived midway through the first quarter (Titan lead of 7-6).
I plan on trying to get a Browns recap in today,but I have tons of things to get finished and it's questionable,but I'd like to...

I'll try to be back later with Browns and maybe more,if time permits-wish me luck!

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