Monday, October 24, 2016

Banged around in Cincinnati-Browns fall to 0-7

The Cleveland Browns used some deception and another new quarterback in order to hang in with the Cincinnati Bengals in Ohio's Queen City for a while,but the conclusion ended with the same ending as the rest of the games had been-a loss,
The 31-17 defeat to the Bengals saw Kevin Hogan rush for 104 yards and a score with Isaiah Crowell ran for the other touchdown for the Browns.
The now 0-7 Browns will host the Jets next week in Cleveland...

Brownie Bits

1) Another two quarterback day as Cody Kessler was knocked out with concussion-related symptoms.
It was too bad as Kessler was off to a decent start as he completed nine of eleven before leaving the game.
From what I have seen so far of Kessler,I've seen a pretty accurate short to medium passer and a guy with lots of intangibles and toughness.I like him.

2) That said-I have been amazed at the things in the Cleveland media being written about Cody Kessler.
Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealers has suggested that the Browns already have their quarterback of the future with the impressive performance of Kessler.
I beg to differ.everyone loves guys like Kessler-at first.
They have grit,moxie hustle etc-all things that overcome physical shortcomings like being able to throw the deep ball or the physical stature to hold up to the physical pounding of the position.
In other words-Cody Kessler might be Brian Hoyer.
A guy that can string a few games together,maybe even a season if you get lucky,but you can't win long term with those types of quarterbacks.
Can Cody Kessler get you through 2017,if you don't love anyone in the 2017 draft?
Maybe.But thinking he's the one?

3) The absence of Cody Kessler meant the debut of Kevin Hogan as the 5th quarterback (6th,if you want to count Terrelle Pryor's few snaps in gimmicky formations) for the Browns in seven games.
Hogan first few snaps saw him come into the game before the Kessler injury and basically run the wildcat stuff that Terrelle Pryor usually runs.
Pryor was not at full strength for this game and using Hogan to save some pounding on Pryor was a good idea in one way (saving Pryor),but not in another as what if a scenario had came into play of Hogan getting injured doing this stuff and then Kessler joined him?

4) Hogan did rip off one scoring run of 28 yards (longest for a QB in Cleveland history) and showed some good things,mobility and maybe a better arm than Kessler.
However,he seems to be almost too mobile (happy feet) and doesn't set when he throws at times.
Another work in progress...

5) I like Hue Jackson and think he has the makings of a good coach,but seems like every week that he makes a decision that makes you wonder what he was thinking.
This week it was this-The Browns are in this game,down just 14-10 on the road and under two minutes to go,the Bengals are content to just run the clock down and hit the locker room.
Considering the above facts,one would suspect the Browns would be thrilled to let them do that.
Instead,Jackson was using timeouts and that led to the Hail Mary catch by A,J, Green and a 21-10 deficit..
Essentially,that was the game...

6) Just awful defense.
Massive chunks of huge yardage allowed by a defense that allowed two scoring passes of over 40 yards and two runs by Jeremy Hill,not exactly Adrian Peterson in speed of 74 and 40 yards make this either an issue of lack of talent,effort or both....

7) Other than Emmanuel Ogbah's two sacks-one of which he used one hand to take down Andy Dalton,the defense came up with zero redeeming factors.
The lack of talent shows and the lack of speed is glaring.

8) The Browns were able to establish the run in this game and the offensive line that has so many failings in pass protection were pretty decent in this one.
180 yards on the ground is not a number to sneeze at,perhaps the Browns should try a little more of that and a little less of the gimmicky calls that we see more of every week..

9) Cameron Erving left the game due to an undisclosed illness and I'm not going to say whether that was a good thing or a bad one,
If the injury is a recurrence of his lung injury,Erving could be lost for the season.
John Greco would slide to center,Alvin Bailey or hopefully new arrival Jonathan Cooper would take over at right guard.

10) Before the season,I picked a record of 2-14 at best with five games selected as 'most winnable'.
Three of those games have passed and all three of those were the road games on the list.
Now one of the two most winnable home games arrives next week with the Jets.
The Jets are coming off a surprise win over Baltimore,so I'm willing to guess they could have a possible letdown-If the Browns are able to play Josh McCown (possible) or Cody Kessler-this might be the one to watch.
Not saying I'm picking them,but I have a feeling this one will be close in Cleveland...

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