Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cubs shut down Indians-Series tied at one

It took until the sixth inning for the Cleveland Indians to get a hit and the team was generally befuddled by Jake Arrieta and the Cubs bullpen as Chicago evened the World Series with a 5-1 win in game two in Cleveland.
Jason Kipnis would score the only run for the Indians on a Jake Arrietta wild pitch in the sixth inning.
Game three is at Wrigley Field Friday with Josh Tomlin for the Indians and Kyle Hendricks for the Cubs.

Smoke Signals

1) The Indians were just overmatched vs Jake Arrieta,who has streaks of sheer brilliance,but hasn't reached that level of late.
As much as I would like to say the Indians caught bad breaks,it all came to down to not getting off early against Arrieta.

2) Rough night for Lonnie Chisenhall in right field as he threw to the wrong base,which allowed the Cubs to score a run without a throw on a play that Cleveland might have had a play at the plate on.
Chisenhall would later slip chasing a Ben Zobrist shot into the corner and turned a double into a triple..

3) Trevor Bauer struggled all game with his command and didn't get through the fourth inning,but he did manage to grind his way through several jams with allowing just two runs.
The injured digit held up and the two runs Bauer would have allowed would have been one too many,but he could have been far worse...

4) This game went way too long for a 5-1 ball game-Over four hours!
Started at seven,ended a little after eleven,no wonder baseball has issues with hooking young fans...

5) I respect the work and effort put in by Kyle Schwarber's return,but boy is Joe Buck belaboring the point.
I have gotten tired of hearing about this from Buck after just two games,what if it goes seven??

6) Now the worry,can Josh Tomlin and his stuff be enough against what should be an almost football like frenzy at Wrigley?
I wish I could say I feel good about it,but I just can't.
I have to hope Cleveland can get one of three there and pray for a two game winning streak...

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