Friday, October 7, 2016

Longballs lift Cleveland over Boston 5-4

The Cleveland Indians slammed three homers in the third inning and used a parade from the bullpen to hold off the Boston Red Sox 5-4 in game one of the ALDS in Cleveland.
Roberto Perez,Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor all took Boston starter Rick Porcello deep to provide a lead that Boston would chip away at,but never equal.
Andrew Miller was the winning pitcher with Cody Allen pitching the final inning and a third to earn the save.
The Indians lead the series 1-0 with game two tomorrow afternoon in Cleveland with Corey Kluber for the Indians against David Price for the Red Sox.

Smoke Signals

1) Terry Francona used his bullpen liberally and we'll see if this continues through the series.
Andrew Miller came into the game in the fifth in relief of Trevor Bauer and pitched two full innings with closer Cody Allen earning a five out save.
Both pitchers threw 40 pitches and you wonder if this is viable throughout the postseason,but you easily can see the importance that Francona placed on winning game one..

2) Roberto Perez hit one of those three homers,but a key was his tagging up on a flyball to move up from first to second in the fifth inning.
Perez would score on a Jason Kipnis single for at the time,didn't seem like a big deal,but it would eventually be the winning run-all on hustle...

3) The ball was certainly flying to right-center last night as it seemed that if the ball got into the air,it had a chance.
Witness a homer by former Hagerstown Sun Sandy Leon,who will never be confused with Pudge Rodriguez,knocking one out of the park.
It'll be interesting to see if the ball continues to move out of the ballpark in that direction this afternoon in game two..

4) The most talked about move on social media was going to Andrew Miller in the fifth inning.
This brought to mind the old days of the 70's when guys like Rollie Fingers,Goose Gossage and Sparky Lyle would go a few innings and would come into the game when needed in the game-not just in the 8th or 9th,
Remember all of those cards from Topps for Firemen of the Year?
The term Fireman used for getting the big outs has become passe' in favor of the term "Closer",that ends the game,but Terry Francona brought the term back for one night..

5) Huge play at home in the first inning when the Red Sox scored a run and initially Brock Holt was called safe by a nose after a speedy relay from Tyler Naquin to Francisco Lindor to Roberto Perez.
Replay reversed the call and you could feel the difference.
Boston would have been up 2-0 and still batting,instead the BoSox led 1-0 and were grabbing their gloves to hit the field.
Massive swing...

6) I'm generally not a huge fan of TBS broadcasts and I wasn't in this one either.
Ron Darling never shuts up (He is better on Mets broadcasts than nationally) and Cal Ripken is his typical stubborn/boring self,but Ernie Johnson stood up to Ripken on the play that saw Lonnie Chisenhall ruled out at second via replay.
I'm not saying which I agreed with,but Johnson dug on his opinion and took right to Ripken and didn't defer to the former player with a typical attitude of "no one can have an opinion different that someone that played the game",,

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