Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox

Time for an inbox cleaning and we'll start with an ESPN article on the final victory of the career of Sandy Koufax 50 years ago on the final day of the 1966 baseball season.
The victory over the Phillies gave the Dodgers the National League pennant by one game over the Giants and the article discusses the game along with the impact on the 1966 pennant race...
The card to the left,is my actual Koufax card from 1965....

I've written many times about Jim Bouton's book Ball Four,but I've rarely,if ever mentioned the failed TV show based on the book and starring Bouton in 1976 on CBS.
Vice sports goes into detail on the show that lasted just five episodes.
I remember watching it as an eight year old,but honestly don't remember many specifics,other than former Raider Ben Davidson had a co-starring role.
The show takes place just before Bouton decided to make his big league comeback in 1977/78 and I would think that would have been unlikely to happen had the show been a success...

The New Jersey Devils season is a little over two weeks away and the Devils made a move to upgrade the defense as the team signed Kyle Quincey from the Red Wings to a one year contract.
The 31 year old Quincey played with the Wings for the last five years and scored four goals with seven assists last season in Detroit.
Quincey should challenge for one of the third pairings on the blueline.

A surprising,but welcomed move saw the Milwaukee Brewers moved their High A affiliate to Carolina with the Mudcats.
The Brewers had been with Brevard County of the Florida State league,but that team was sold to the Atlanta Braves and then moved.
Most observers thought that of the two remaining teams,the Colorado Rockies would win out with their low A (Asheville) and AA (Hartford) being closer to Carolina making more sense for the Rockies than being in the California league.
However,the Brewers won out and gave guys like me another new team to graph in the CL next season....

Joe Plum sends this from Atlas Obscura of a 40 year old Hermit Crab.
I used to try to keep Hermit Crabs and as much as I liked them,it was very hard to keep them alive for long.
If I remember right,I think I even had a few given to us by Joe!!!

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