Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The wheels on the bus go...

The wheels on the bus go round and round as the kids song used to always chant.

Well,yesterday was a hectic and crazy with multiple races across town from end to end combining with decisions to be made then left little time for things like sports.
Yet,I was able to see some of the Indians game three win over Toronto (more below) and scramble home to do an hour plus of Fight Heads with Ramon Malpica.

In the end of a few day period that saw all the stress and movement of weddings,travel,rental cars,car repairs and car sales,we wound up with a new car...
Pretty happy with it,but it left me with little time for the world of sports or writing.
I still am not sure if I'll be able to hammer out a recap of the Browns loss to the Titans,I may decide to just pick up with whats new,which is tonight's Indians game as they go for the American League title against Toronto and the Devils home opener...

SO instead,I think I'll do a throwback to our old friend Bullpen Notes with a little of this and that...

1) How 'bout that Andrew Miller trade?
Miller retired the final four outs in devastating manner.
Miller is almost to the point of unhittable (although Toronto did have one hit off him) and the Wahoo's interesting use of him adds to the mystique...

2) Terry Francona continues to hodgepodge together a winning bullpen and show that he has to be in consideration for best manager in the game.
Francona used Andrew Miller to close,Cody Allen in the "fireman" role in the seventh, got mileage out of out of Jeff Manship,Zach McAllister and Dan Otero and grabbed a win in a game that Trevor Bauer finished after two-thirds of an inning.
I'm not sure if the Indians with all of their starting pitching injuries can approach defeating the Cubs in the world series (assuming they can get one more win vs Toronto),but if the Cleveland Indians can win the championship with all of this,Terry Francona deserves kudos for what could be the best managing job ever -and that is not hyperbole...

3) As for Trevor Bauer,that finger dripping and shooting blood was pretty nasty and I'm torn on the whole "Drone Gate" thing.
On one hand,should a player be messing around  with anything that could injure himself during postseason play?
On the other-doesn't a player have a need to get away from it all and relax?
I mean,it's a crazy injury and might really cost the Indians,but no one can be all about the job all the time,can they?

4) Was asked yesterday in a car office about Cody Kessler,who I thought played very well in Cleveland's loss to Tennessee.
Kessler threw for over 300 yards and showed toughness in moving the team down the field late in the game.
I see what Hue Jackson saw in him,but I still think of Kessler more as being a quality backup on a good team and far from the long term staple at quarterback in Cleveland..

5) Kessler will be lucky to make it through the season as he continues to take an unreal beating from the pass rush.
Already vulnerable,Kessler took another beating from the Titans.
As noted,I'm still not a huge believer in Kessler's physical ability,but he is one tough guy..

6) The Browns lost one of their best players in left guard Joel Bitonio for the season before the Tennessee game and took away the thing that they could count on-the terrific left side of the line.
I'd like to see new arrival Jonathan Cooper there soon....

7) Also want to see more of rookie receivers Rashard Higgins and Jordan Payton.
I'm not against seeing another rookie in Ricardo Louis,but Louis has been on the field and dropping passes,which was a issue for him at Auburn..

8) Yes,I'm happy about the car,but get ready for more OT from work when I can-gotta pay for it and those summer baseball trips...

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