Monday, April 30, 2007

Pirates win,Devils lose and Towelgate hits Hagerstown!

The Pittsburgh Pirates rallied (Gasp) with 3 late inning runs to slide by the Chicago Cubs 3-2.
Jason Bay smacked a 8th inning homer to break a 2-2 tie,the Pirates scored a run in the 4th on a Adam LaRoche single and a run in the seventh on Ronny Paulino double before the Bay game winner.
Matt Capps picked up the victory and Gas Can Torres earned the save by pitching the ninth.

Did not see the Pirates-Cubs game as I was watching the Hagerstown Suns get blasted into bits by the visiting West Virginia Power 14-3.
That is more than a run for each towel that the Suns organization provided for the visiting Power.
More on that below.
West Virginia scored 9 runs in the 5th inning to win going away,as three Power players had 3 RBI on the night (Chuck Caufield, Kenny Holmberg and Andrew LeFave) and every player but 1 had a hit on the night.
Suns utilityman Michael Martinez pitched a scoreless ninth for Hagerstown.

The New Jersey Devils lost game 3 in Ottawa to the Senators 2-0 to fall behind 2-1 in the series.
The game was scoreless until the 3rd period when Ottawa's Tom Priessing beat Martin Brodeur.
Jason Spezza scored the 2nd goal into the empty net for the final tally.
Missed the game due to the Suns-Power game,so have little analysis to add.

Former MLB pinch hitter extraordinaire Lenny Harris was at the game tonight,but I did not have any cards for him.
Points to (Name withheld by request) for calling out the identity of Harris.
Good work!

On the autograph front,it was a slow night.
A few Power players,Suns 2nd baseman Leonard Davis on his Bowman Chrome,but the best catch was one of the elusive Suns relievers-Aaron Jackson.
Relievers are always difficult at Hagerstown as they can evade the collectors easily,but Jackson was quite engaging as he signed.

Finally,spent the game tonight talking to a few of the West Virginia pitchers and as usual talk turned to the facilities at Municipal.
But tonight a new note came up and the fault on this one goes squarely on the Hagerstown Suns and their organization.
The players commented that the team was given "10 or 12" towels for the entire roster to share for tonight;s game!
Think about that-12 towels for a 30 man team???
That not only is cheap,but unhygienic as well.
I know I would not want to use a previously used towel,this whole thing just smells bad (Pun intended).
I find it hard to believe the Suns are that strapped that they cannot afford towels and they certainly made a poor impression on the West Virginia players for certain.
Just because this is Minor League Baseball does not mean you have to be minor league.
Sadly,the Hagerstown Suns by treating opposing players this poorly,only makes themselves to be the most minor of minor leagues......

Back tomorrow with Browns and Seahawks draft reviews,Suns vs Power(If I can stomach education day) and likely some random ramblings.

Photo Credits
Jason Bay-Gene Puskar-AP Photo
Towels-Place that sells towels.


Anonymous said...

sad part is, i think i saw said towels.. and if it was them.. i would have taken a shower at the hotel..nasty.. if they were the ones being carried by a ballboy.. kinda pinkish,and old..just another great way to show how hagerstown treats it's GUESTS! someday maybe they will get a gm who can run more then a 1 dollar hot dog stand..try to kick people out of seats,but screw the hard working players!!

Shawn said...

I concur.This whole towel thing is bush league and no excuse for it at all.
This is supposed to be a professional organization after all.

One of these days,this seat thing will come up here as well!!

Cathy Mena said...

I was wendring around for the same information......
West Virginia scored 9 runs in the 5th inning to win going away,as three Power players had 3 RBI on the night (Chuck Caufield, Kenny Holmberg and Andrew LeFave) and every player but 1 had a hit on the night.
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