Saturday, April 28, 2007

Browns nab Joe Thomas and ignore Brady Quinn...

The Cleveland Browns selected Joe Thomas of Wisconsin with the 3rd pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.
The left tackle was clearly the most dominant offensive lineman in the draft and I must give Phil Savage some credit here.
This is an excellent pick and now the Cleveland Browns with Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach have the potential (in a few years) to have one of the dominant offensive lines in football.
Now if Jamal Lewis has anything left in the tank (or the pipe in his case),perhaps the Browns might be able to run the ball for the first time in years.
Thomas has the athletic ability to block the speed rush and the bulk to match up with the power guys.
Mel Kiper said he was not sure on Thomas' ability to block the power rush,since he only lifted X amount of times at the combine-Blah blah blah.
I do not see that as a problem.
Finally the Cleveland Browns have made a commitment to protecting the Quarteback and to a physical offensive line that will be able to give the Browns a punishing running game.
Thomas will have his problems,most young offensive linemen do,but if all goes well-Joe Thomas will be a cornerstone for Cleveland for the next 10 years.
You cannot get an elite Offensive Tackle through free agency and the Browns realize this.

Kudos to Phil Savage and the Browns for taking the best player and ignoring the national "experts" that kept pushing them to take Brady Quinn.
If the Browns had taken Quinn,the message they would be sending to the Browns Backers is that the last 2 years of rebuilding were worthless and they were starting over.
Brady Quinn would be an "El Busto" and I am absolutely thrilled that Quinn will NOT be a Cleveland Brown!!!!!
I must admit I was watching and could make arguments on how Savage was thinking for picks of Thomas,Quinn and Adrian Peterson and just prayed for Thomas or Peterson.
I love Adrian Peterson and I think he is going to be great,but Thomas,in the end,makes more sense for the Browns.

Terry Pluto of the Akron Beacon-Journal wrote in this mornings edition that he thought the Browns were leaning towards Thomas,against the grain of the Kipers,Sheacters etc that kept trying to force Brady Quinn to Cleveland.

All in all-Very happy thus far.
Will try to offer a post on the Browns 2nd round pick before I go to work tonight.

Photo Credit-Wisconsin Athletic Communications

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JoeKnows said...

Ryan will tell you that Thomas is much worth the investment.