Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cleveland Browns Draft Needs

Here is my brief look at the Cleveland Browns Draft Needs for this weekends draft.
The Browns are so weak at so many spots even if a position is not as high as other needs,odds are they will still need help there...

1)Offensive line
The Browns have tried in free agency to upgrade the O-Line,but hardly in the draft.
I give Phil Savage credit for trying with LeCharles Bentley last year (No one can be blamed for the freak accident) and this year with Eric Steinbach,but they need to grab a solid offensive lineman in either the 1st or 2nd round.
A Joe Thomas/Eric Steinbach left side of the line could be a dominant one and could help protect average QB's and help average runners as well.
Plus it enables Kevin Shaffer to move to the right side.
Shaffer is an above average right tackle,yet a below average left one.

2)Defensive Line
The Browns never seem to be able to rush the passer either.
Kamerion Wimbley impressed somewhat last year,but he was about the only rusher they had.
Orpheus Roye has 5 sacks over the last 3 years and I do not think free agent signee Robiare Smith is the answer either.
Too many journeymen and has beens on this team's front 7.

3)Running Back
Cleveland has not had an above average back since the Mack-Byner days and have been without a Superstar back since Leroy Kelly.That is 1972!!! 35 years ago!!!!!
I am tired of seeing the William Greens,Jason Wrights and Reuben Droughns putter through the line for 2 yards!
Lets get a game breaker to Cleveland.
I know all about the signing of Jamal Lewis (yuck).Just be glad I wasn't doing the blog on the day of that signing!
But Lewis is a 1 year deal.If he is great-he leaves to a contender,if he isn't(more likely),he is gone and we are back to square 1.
I know some argue a great back is worthless without a line,but I have to admit I really want Adrian Peterson in Brown and Orange in the worst way.
As much as I know we need Joe Thomas and like him as a player,I hope the Browns go after Peterson and give the fans something exciting to watch in these great 5 win seasons.

Leigh Bodden is serviceable,but do you really want your top cover man to be rated serviceable?
and no,I do not believe that free agent signing Kenny Wright is a starter in this league.
Gary Baxter seems to have trouble staying healthy since arriving to Cleveland and IMO he has not played that well when he has been on the field.
How do you expect to stop teams when you cannot rush their passer or cover their receivers?

I am not sold on Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson,but do we really gain that much by starting over with JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn?
I don't think so and the Browns should not either.
Can you make the playoffs with either? I doubt it,but who knows?
Lets give them one more year to find out,Quarterbacks are available every year and I would not mind taking one on the drafts second day to take a flyer on someone.

Honorable Mention
Wide Receiver
For a team that seems like they use first day picks on wideouts every year,the Browns sure do not look like a team loaded with talent on the outside.
Joe Jurievious plays hard and is solid,but on a good team is a 3rd WR at best.
Braylon Edwards plays a cowardly game,drops passes and has a rotten attitude.
I would move him tomorrow if the return was right,but I will give him one more year to straighten up. Do not count on him using it to improve though.
Travis Wilson was the Browns 3rd rounder last year and to quote Wilson "I am the best Wide Receiver in this draft".
Best WR in the draft and his season stats?
Glad you asked-2 catches 32 yds.Yea....

The Browns safety tandem of Brodney Pool and Sean Jones are good and getting better.
Kellen Winslow could soon be the games dominant tight end.
Love his game,hate his mouth,but at least he cares.
More than I can say for some.
Linebackers look good as well-Andre Davis,D'Qwell Jackson,Leon Williams and Blitz/Rush type Kamerion Wimbley are all young,tough and improving.
Phil Dawson and Dave Zastidil are acceptable as the kicking specialists.

This is a pivotal draft for the Browns,Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel.
A bad 2007 could mean the jobs of one,if not both of the above men.
This draft could give us a better idea of which to expect.

Later tonight or tomorrow-
Pirates-Astros recap and the needs of my NFC favorite team.The Seattle Seahawks.

Photo Credit-
Adrian Peterson-Dallas Morning News
Kellen Winslow-AP Photo


Mark Haymond said...

I agree with most of your analysis but it seems that the Browns really need to get a good pass rusher too. That is what killed them in their close games against Pittsburgh and Baltimore when they gave up leads at the end and also hurts them every year when Palmer picks them apart in Cincinnati.

I would think they are looking at a QB to develop in the mid rounds and focus on OLine in the 1st or 2nd.

So many needs and so few picks!

Shawn said...

Amen to that.
When you have created this much of a mess,it takes quite a while to clean it up.